Member Engagement for a Just COVID Recovery

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May 14, 2020, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


This training will equip organizations with a strategy to engage their membership in order to develop a collective direction for a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 


As leaders of community led organizations, MVA leaders have been working hard to support their members and adapt to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 health pandemic. The many ways our member’s private concerns connect to public issues are being exposed through this work. Though the health emergency is far from over, the lengthier process of organizing for recovery and long-term risk mitigation is already beginning. Our elected and non-elected decision makers are already making decisions on budgets and strategy, with direct implications for issues that impact our everyday lives. It is our responsibility to ensure they hear about the real pressures and concerns facing our members and understand the impacts their decisions will have on our organizations and our community. 

What will the workshop cover?

The workshop will equip your organization with a strategy to engage your members that, by applying organizing principles, is relational, reflective, and action-oriented. You will learn how to listen for the specific pressures facing your members in one-on-one calls and virtual house meetings (e.g., income or work, rent or mortgage payments, mental health struggles, childcare, etc.). Together we will consider how these conversations can lead to effective public action.

Why does it matter?

Many do not have the opportunity to act meaningfully on issues that impact their everyday lives. Listening campaigns and resulting actions nurture agency, connectedness, and hope among participants. In addition, this can pave the way for establishing joint action collaboration with other organizations. These can be the means by which members see your organization as the vehicle for them to act on behalf of their loved ones.

Who can participate?

This workshop is intended for leaders and members of membership-based civil society organizations. We strongly encourage you to register as a team of 3-8 leaders who will take responsibility for connecting with your membership list. If you’re interested but unsure if the workshop is for you, please get in touch with the organizing team by emailing [email protected] 

How do I participate?

This workshop will be offered virtually using Zoom video conference call. Call details will be sent separately by email to registered participants. Please ensure your email is accurate when you register.

What is MVA?

Metro Vancouver Alliance is a non-partisan, broad based alliance of congregations, labour unions, student associations, and community groups. We build relationships that spark mutual recognition, leadership development, and citizen-led action across the lines that often divide our communities. We come together to strengthen our members and our organizations and develop our capacity to act in public life.

May 14, 2020 at 7pm - 8:20pm
Manoj Xalxo Derek Hume Joseph Glaab Chelsea Martorella Laura Carandang Lisa Phillips Denise Parks Nora Hooper Sarah Bjorknas Johanna Howarth Victoria Marie Neal Adolph Stephen Von Sychowski Audrey Anne Guay Joe Chrastil Doug Kinna Fr. Pierre Ducharme, OFM Krista-Dawn Kimsey

Will you come?

Are you with an MVA organization or a group that wants more information about MVA? Let us know ...

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