Transit & Transportation Referendum

Public transit service levels in the Metro Vancouver area have remained practically unchanged over the past seven years. In that same period demand has soared. Extreme overcrowding has eroded reliability and safety, especially for those with disabilities or frailties. HandyDART service is limited and has seen an eight-fold increase in trip denials in only the last four years.

Metro Vancouver residents will be asked to vote on a 0.5 per cent hike in B.C.’s Provincial Sales Tax to fund new transit projects, in a referendum this March. The referendum is seeking a public decision on the transportation funding measures identified by the Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Council.

The Mayor’s funding plan advocates for more transit routes, more buses and HandyDART vans, more options for cyclists, and increased service all over the region.

A yes vote in the referendum means

• More buses
• An increase in service levels
• More safety & security for passengers
• Less overcrowding
• More reliability
• Less of a carbon footprint on the environment
• Infrastructure improvements

For more information download our leaflet.

A yes vote in the transit and transportation referendum is a fair and equitable solution.

Will you help us get a yes vote?

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