STRONGER TOGETHER Strategy Summit - Report


On March 12 leaders held a formal evaluation of the Strategy Summit to discern the energy and direction for next steps. But of course, things changed rapidly in the two weeks between the Summit and the Evaluation meeting.  

In sum, MVA leaders' primary objective for 2020 is to grow our financial capacity to hire a full-time organizer, which equips us to take on the campaigns important to us all. The strategy includes:



- strengthening our current member organizations through MVA resources and practices;

- researching funders for our community-building work;

- inviting other civil society organizations into conversation about finding common cause and collective power through MVA. 

The Summit allowed us to explore, with the help of IAF-NW Regional Organizer Joe Chrastil, how best to proceed.

Faith Caucus; Institutional Leaders luncheon; Call to Action Planning sessions Enthusiastic delegates proposed follow-up meetings within weeks, to carry their momentum into actions.  Also, delegates sought a Leadership Institute this spring, to fortify themselves and potential new leaders with the framework and philosophy of our community organizing model. 

Additionally, the MVA Board was planning the Annual General Meeting for April. 

These gatherings are unconfirmed until further notice, as we monitor directives from public health authorities. Virtual meetings may be proposed. Discussion among the sponsoring team will be ongoing.

The sponsoring team agreed to meet monthly in any event, to track our growth progress (possibly via video conference) and continue to strategize. Dates will be posted shortly.

We encourage MVA leaders to continue with planned 1:1 meetings - exercising the same precautions we might for personal socializing.  Again, MVA's primary work at this rebuilding time is forging connections throughout the community, to learn about each other's strengths and worries, and to discover common conviction.


During this public health crisis, the web of community is more visible than ever.  We hope the training and leadership developed in your time with MVA can assist you now to serve your community well.

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