St. James

Some nice words about MVA from Father Kevin Hunt of St. James Church in Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

As I discover more of the history of St. James', it is good to find that this ministry and witness has been part of life in this parish, and is still so, not least in the Street Outreach Initiative. On Tuesday I went with Fr Matthew to the AGM of the Metro Vancouver Alliance. It was a great encouragement to learn of this Alliance of a wide variety of faith communities, community groups and labour organisations across the region committed to listening to concerns at grass-roots level, to those who do not know how to make their voices heard, to discovering common needs, wrongs to be addressed, longings and aspirations, and to know that St. James' is a member. The Alliance's work is focused on three areas at present, affordable housing, income justice, transit, all overlapping as issues of social inclusion and all of which should be matters of concern for the whole community.

Read the whole message here.

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