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Central to Industrial Areas Foundation organizing is an ongoing cycle of learning linked to leadership development.  Mentoring of individual leaders, skill building internal to member institutions, and learning opportunities within the local broad based organization (as well as at the regional, statewide and national levels) are all a part of what IAF embodies as a network committed to building a flexible, growing school of public life.

IAF National Training is generally 10 days in the summer, sponsored by the National IAF in different parts of the country and our premier training opportunity.  Regional Leadership Training is generally 5 days, sponsored by the West / Southwest region of the IAF in November (between Election Day and Thanksgiving) and an excellent introduction to national training.  These trainings assume a special prominence due to their depth, integration of key concepts and focus on habits and practices central to successful organization building at all levels.

Experienced professional IAF organizers lead the sessions and depending on the make up and preference of the participants, trainings can be and have been held in Spanish and English.

These extensive trainings are for key clergy, staff and laity of member congregations as well as the staff, board and members of non-profit organizations who are members of or who are building broad-based IAF organizations.

For more information, visit or email us at [email protected]

Cost for the Session

$ 975.00 per person based on double occupancy
$ 1,300.00 per person based on single occupancy – (single rooms will be secured only if full payment has been received; we have limited single rooms available)

All names for training must be submitted with payments, a paragraph, food allergies or vegetarian meals referred, and rooming request on or before May 29, 2014.
Please make checks payable to IAF and mail to the following address

Industrial Areas Foundation
1106 Clayton Lane # 120W
Austin, Texas  78723
512/459-6551  fax: 512/459-6558


June 23, 2015 at 3pm - June 30, 2015
American Jewish University
Los Angeles, CA
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