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    2020 Organizing Plan

    2020 Organizing Plan

    Adopted by Delegates at Assembly 22 Sept 2020


    In order to have an Alliance that most effectively serves its member organizations and is better able to advance the Common Good, MVA members commit to the following as it moves to re-launch with a full-time Organizer:

    1. To increase the Diversity of the membership so that the Alliance can better claim to “Stand for the Whole”—equipping ourselves to develop an anti-racism and decolonization lens and transforming MVA into a vehicle for institutional allyship and reconciliation;

    Next Step: We will recruit 6 local leaders to participate in the international IAF pilot of the “Wrestling with the Truth of Colonialism” training in October 2020. We will support subsequent efforts to contextualize the training to Vancouver and make it available to our members.


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