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Metro Vancouver Alliance is a broad based alliance of community groups, labour, faith and educational institutions working together for the common good.

Broad-based community organizations operate on the principle of ‘power before program’. In other words, they build strong relationships amongst diverse groups in the community. Those groups then come together to listen to their members’ concerns and to agree on issues that can be worked on together. This ensures that the alliances are sustainable over the long term and that members work on those issues that concretely matter most to them. Members develop leadership skills and learn “the art of politics” through active engagement and participation.

MVA is based on a model of community organizing pioneered by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Founded by Saul Alinsky in the 1930’s, IAF has over 60 active community alliances across the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia.

Metro Vancouver Alliance (MVA) was founded in 2009. Almost thirty organizations are now in membership and the alliance continues to grow.

MVA builds leaders. Our main goal is to build leaders within our institutions who will become leaders in the community. We listen to the concerns and feelings of our diverse membership and then discern common ground from all of the unique voices. Before MVA will take on an issue it must be relevant to a broad section of our membership, encourage the development of new leaders, have specific and winnable actions, and improve the community.

MVA organizes through relationships.

We build relationships both within and outside of our institutions to learn where people’s passions lie, build power, and remain accountable. Personal face to face conversations and meetings are the most effective way to connect with our neighbours and fellow citizens and discover their interests, pressures, and hopes.

Metro Vancouver Alliance is a group of nonpartisan, proactive, everyday citizens dedicated to making the Metro Vancouver area a better place for all to live and thrive. Our members come from faith congregations, youth groups, neighbourhood houses, union locals, co-ops, academic departments and community non-profits.

Finding common ground and working on common issues.

Metro Vancouver Alliance is made up of more than 25 dues-paying affiliated organizations - if you're a member of an organization that is affiliated to MVA you're a member of MVA.

If you're organization isn't affiliated yet get in touch and one of our organizers can let you know how your group can join MVA.

At Metro Vancouver Alliance, we believe that by working together we have the power to change our communities for the better. We do more than just sign petitions and protest. We take action.

We are a non-profit supported by the dues of our member organizations, individuals and foundations. We are affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, a coalition of like-minded organizations in cities across the United States, the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.

The Story of MVA

This video, produced in the spring of 2014, just before our Founding Assembly, explains the IAF model and goes into a bit of background about how MVA came to be. We've come a long way since then!

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