Will you take one of these actions before November 29th?

The MVA Fundraising Committee has a challenge to all members of the MVA!

Take one capacity building action by November 29th as part of Giving Tuesday - a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering, which takes place each year after Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is the day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favourite causes and think about others.

There are four ways you can help - will you take one of the actions below by November 29th?

  1. Sign up as a monthly contributor to the MVA - we have a goal to get 50 monthly contributors by December 31st (any amount: from $3/month to $50/month!)

  2. Share a story of how the MVA has impacted you, or your organization. Share your story and email it to us with a photo. When we share your story on social media, share with your friends!

  3. Provide a one time charitable donation to the MVA on behalf of a friend, colleague, or loved one as a holiday gift. Send them a card letting them know you’ve made a contribution to strengthening civil society, and community leadership, on their behalf!

  4. Commit your organization to paying the MVA full membership rate. “In full” means in alignment with our target of $2 per member per year, or 2% of your organization’s operating budget. If they’re not - we can help you put on a fundraiser!

We have big plans in 2017 to increase the impact of your work by organizing together for the common good. But we need to augment MVA's capacity.

MVA plans to hold a Provincial Election Assembly on April 4th at the Italian Cultural Centre. We will use the combined power of all our community, labour, faith and educational organizations to ask leaders of all parties to commit our proposals that will bring positive change to British Columbia.

To make this event a success, we need your participation and financial support.

Here are some of the things we did in 2016:

  • Supported 6 leaders to attend Regional Leadership Training (and hosted the training at Capilano College for over 35 leaders from across North America!)

  • Piloted a project in South Vancouver working with organizations to conduct transit-oriented neighborhood walks, form a local RouteSpeak team, and build a proposal for improved transit services in the neighbourhood

  • Attracted over 200 participants from 10 different language groups, involving 50 facilitators, in the Beyond the Conversation project

These are great successes, and don’t even mention the great work of the Campaign Action Teams.

To support this work - we challenge every member and supporter of the MVA to take one of the above actions by November 29th.

Let us know what action you’ve taken by November 28th, so that we can share our success on November 29th - Giving Tuesday! We want to tally the total number of individuals who take action and celebrate our success!

Please e-mail us back with the action you’ve taken!

Mark Friesen, on behalf of the MVA Fundraising Committee

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