REMINDER! This week Metro Vancouver Alliance is hosting 2 days of vision, strategy, and relationship-building to grow the power in our community Alliance.

After a pause for reflection and evaluation (and working on updating the website)...  MVA is building a deeper and broader Alliance for the good of all who live and work in our region.  Bring your voice - help us get started at our first major event of the year:



MVA Strategy Summit,  Thursday Feb. 27 & Friday Feb 28

Vancouver, various locations   RSVP today!

A series of energizing sessions to explore why and how our organizations are Stronger Together, designed to ignite your vision for what is necessary and achievable for a more liveable Metro Vancouver.  





Two senior organizers from MVA's international network, the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), will guide us in discernment and planning for the coming year and beyond. Do you want your own institution to become stronger and more meaningful to all its members? What do you and your neighbours need to feel secure and connected? 75 years of successes prove how a true alliance of community groups holds the power to address those needs. 

At the Strategy Summit, you will meet your allies and explore common goals.  Will we see you there?


 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS   Please click on links to RSVP

DELEGATES ASSEMBLY  "From Visions to Victories for the Common Good" Thursday Feb. 27,  7-9pm

Public Service Alliance of Canada, 5238 Joyce St, 2nd floor

Join veteran leaders of the Industrial Areas Foundation and Metro Vancouver Alliance for a look at the breadth and strength of our global movement for local empowerment.  Come and see what organized people and organized money accomplish, in the hands of everyday citizens. Come to imagine how we might use them next, for a more equitable Metro Vancouver. Bring a companion from your organization!    



9am: Faith Caucus workshop for congregational renewal  

11:30am [by invitation] Institutional Leaders Luncheon with IAF Northwest Regional organizer, Joe Chrastil, for a stimulating exploration of "Strong Institutions for Stronger Democracy."  

5:30pm Call to Action, mapping concrete steps for increasing the depth, diversity, and public power of our Alliance.

Note: "Building Public Relationships" Master Class has been cancelled due to an unavoidable program change. Apologies for any incovenience.



Joe Chrastil: Regional Organizer, IAF Northwest

Forty years' experience in building and launching action-oriented community organizations, developing leaders, strategy and capacity in Canada and the US. His work has addressed a wide range of issues related to jobs, immigration, health care, education, energy, housing, and transportation.  Joe has overseen MVA's development since its beginnings more than ten years ago.


Ernesto Cortes, Jr.: Co-Director, IAF; Executive Director, IAF West/Southwest

Regrettably, due to unexpected circumstances Mr Cortes must postpone his travel to Vancouver at this time.  His meetings with MVA leaders will be rescheduled at a later date.




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