Provincial Budget Lock-up


MVA is at the Provincial Budget Lock-up today. Maria Robinson from Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin is representing MVA. She'll be following up on the commitments made to MVA by John Horgan on behalf of the alliance. She'll be asking tough questions of the ministers and their staff, connecting with other organizations and preparing our response to the budget 2019. 

We've done much work this year with the Minister of Finance on our budget recommendations for affordable housing, affordable public transit, community healthcare and poverty reduction.  Tomorrow we will interpret the budget to determine if the promises made to our alliance of organizations have been upheld.

If you have a question to send with Maria, or would like to connect with her directly before or following lockup, please reply to this email and we will connect you.

Please look forward to our initial response to the budget with more detail later in the week. 

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