On MVA's Contribution during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Just as MVA is at a jumping-off point for moving forward, the COVID-19 pandemic compels us to pause and re-orient our work.  This update is intended to honour the work engaged by dozens of our delegates, while respecting the needs of this new and unexpected context.

First, a proposal.  A summary of the Feb 27-28 Summit Strategy and Action plans are here


Leaders throughout the Industrial Areas Foundation network recognize that this could be a time of need and even isolation, especially for our most vulnerable neighbours. 

MVA leaders already know how to build a strategic network of support specific to local issues and conditions.  Those skills are especially valuable now. In the coming days and weeks we have an opportunity to "practise community" through developing public relationships and identifying concrete, achievable responses.

As always, we begin with listening. In the intentional way we've learned through our community organizing, listen to family, friends and colleagues for new personal pressures or local issues arising from the COVID-19 threat or from community disruptions.  Our leaders are encouraged to connect with each other to analyze these challenges and take local action.  If you don't know who to connect with to get started, use our email and it will be forwarded to the right person.

Let this time of unprecedented challenge be also a time to practice community, creativity, and kindness.


MVA's Faith Caucus is turning its attention to a campaign for making social connections.

Institutional Leaders are invited to meet together to discuss coordinating resources and needs.





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