Vancouver – The Metro Vancouver Alliance and Living Wage for Families Campaign are coordinating a rally to show support for Vancouver to become a Living Wage Employer. On July 8th Vancouver City Council will debate a motion that will begin the process of making Vancouver a living wage city.  The rally will take place on the steps of city hall and will be followed by presentations to the Standing Committee on City Finance and Services in support of the living wage motion.

When: Wednesday, July 8, 2015  Rally: 9:00 am Standing Committee on City Finance and Services: 9:30 am

Where: City Hall, 453 W 12th Ave, Vancouver

Rally Speakers

  • The Rev. Margaret Marquardt representing Anglican Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Melissa Skelton, Diocese of New Westminster
  • Irene Lanziger, President, BC Federation of Labour
  • Blanca Salvatierra, community organizer


  • Deborah Littman, Lead Organizer, Metro Vancouver Alliance

Presenters to Council include:

  • Mary Lyn Diana, member of Hospital Employee’s Union
  • The Rev. Margaret Marquardt representing Anglican Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Melissa Skelton, Diocese of New Westminster.
  • Father David Pourier, St. Joseph the Worker, Catholic Parish
  • Vania Tse, member of CUPE 391 (Vancouver, Gibsons and Sechelt Library Workers)
  • Deanna Ogle, Campaign Organizer,  Living Wage for Families Campaign
  • Stacey Berisavac, Manager, Health Promotion, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division
  • Linda Morris, Senior Vice President Business Development, Member & Community Engagement, Vancity Savings Credit Union

For further information, please contact:

  • Deanna Ogle, Campaign Organizer, Living Wage for Families Campaign, 604-364-2917
  • Patrick Bragg, Metro Vancouver Alliance, 778-889-3486

The Living Wage for Families Campaign announces the annual living wage for Metro Vancouver, certifies Living Wage Employers and builds broad understanding of the importance of living wages to child, family and community health.

The Metro Vancouver Alliance is a group of nonpartisan, proactive, everyday citizens dedicated to making the Metro Vancouver area a better place for all to live and thrive. Our members come from faith congregations, youth groups, neighbourhood houses, union locals, co-ops, academic departments and community non-profits.


Metro Vancouver Alliance not discouraged by No vote in transit referendum

Will keep pushing for better transit and lower fares to reduce social isolation and pollution

The Metro Vancouver Alliance is vowing to keep up their campaigning for better transit and lower fares after the No vote in the Metro Vancouver transit referendum.

“We are disappointed but not discouraged with the No vote,” says Metro Vancouver Alliance spokesperson Bruce Murray. “Better transit has very strong support, and we will keep working to get the transit system the people of Metro Vancouver need.”

The Metro Vancouver Alliance is a broad based alliance of over 50 community, labour, faith and education groups united to work for the common good.


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MVA 2015 AGM minutes

Here are the minutes of the Metro Vancouver Alliance AGM, held at St. Augustine's on June 8 2015

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St. James

Some nice words about MVA from Father Kevin Hunt of St. James Church in Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

As I discover more of the history of St. James', it is good to find that this ministry and witness has been part of life in this parish, and is still so, not least in the Street Outreach Initiative. On Tuesday I went with Fr Matthew to the AGM of the Metro Vancouver Alliance. It was a great encouragement to learn of this Alliance of a wide variety of faith communities, community groups and labour organisations across the region committed to listening to concerns at grass-roots level, to those who do not know how to make their voices heard, to discovering common needs, wrongs to be addressed, longings and aspirations, and to know that St. James' is a member. The Alliance's work is focused on three areas at present, affordable housing, income justice, transit, all overlapping as issues of social inclusion and all of which should be matters of concern for the whole community.

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Project RouteSpeak

Delegates representing MVAs member organizations enthusiastically endorsed project RouteSpeak at the MVA Annual General meeting, held June 8th.

The next step in MVA's transit campaign, project RouteSpeak will bring community members from across the Lower Mainland together to build consensus and citizen civic power on a range of issues that affect access to and operation of transit and transportation.

Here's MVA's proposal ...


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MVA Annual Report, 2014 -15

Metro Vancouver Alliance is a broad-based alliance of 52 community groups, labour, faith and educational institutions working together for the common good. MVA brings together diverse civil society organizations to create new capacity in a community for leadership development, citizen-led action and relationships across the lines that often divide our communities.

The members of Metro Vancouver Alliance are institutions: congregations, labor unions, educational bodies, co-operatives, small business, non-profits, and neighborhood organizations that share a concern for the well-being of their community.

The aim of MVA is to strengthen the voice of citizens and take action on issues of common concern. The Alliance builds on more than 70 years of community organizing experience developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation, with sister organizations across the US, Canada, Germany, Australia and the UK.

Organizations that join MVA do so in order to:

  • Develop leadership and strengthen community within and between their institutions
  • Build bridges across longstanding divisions that isolate communities from each other
  • Build their capacity to act against the root causes of inequality and injustice

MVA has charitable status through its educational arm, Industrial Areas Foundation Canada,

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Empowering Communities

The Hospital Employees Union, one of our member organizations, has a nice write-up about Deborah Littman, MVA's Lead Organizer, and the philosophy behind MVA in the latest issue of Guardian, their magazine for members.

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A Yes vote is good but only a start

We are being asked to vote on a good transit plan in Metro Vancouver. But it is only a start. Even the mayors who developed it describe the plan as “neither everything we want nor all that we ultimately need.”


A Yes vote starts to meet the needs of seniors, people with disabilities, and lower and middle income people. Demand for public transit has soared, while service levels have remained practically unchanged over the past seven years. Extreme overcrowding has eroded reliability and safety, especially for seniors and people with disabilities. HandyDART service hours have been frozen since 2009, and as a result trip denials went up over 600 per cent before the contractor changed procedures to disguise the crisis. The 30 per cent increase in HandyDART and 25 per cent increase in bus service in the plan is a big step in the right direction, but not enough given that the number of people over 70 is expected to increase by 40 per cent in the next decade.

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Transit Matters!

Transit service in the Lower Mainland was one of the issues MVA member organizations identified as a priority and something that we all would work on together: before, during and after the transit referendum. Check out the video ...

Metro Vancouver Alliance joins the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition, campaigns for YES vote in upcoming referendum.


The Metro Vancouver Alliance has joined the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition advocating for a ‘yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum. 

Over the past two years MVA held thousands of conversations with people from within its member institutions about the challenges they face and the positive changes they wanted to see in the region. MVA members identified transit and social isolation as two priorities.

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