Metro Vancouver Alliance members gather to survey residents and businesses on transit needs in South Vancouver.

MEDIA ADVISORY                                                              Friday, May 27, 2016

Members of the Metro Vancouver Alliance are gathering at Champlain Heights Mall on Saturday May 28 to survey residents and businesses and collect information about transit needs in the neighbourhood. MVA is particularly interested in the impact of the planned rerouting of the bus service along 49th avenue this summer.

The information gathered from this survey and others planned over the summer will be developed into a proposal that will be brought forward in a proposal to TransLink designed to bring reliable and accessible transit service to the Champlain Heights area of Vancouver.

Date: Saturday May 28, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: Champlain Square Mall, 7132 Kerr St, Vancouver

RouteSpeak is a citizen led transit improvement network which will develop proposals intended for TransLink to address and and will provide accountability back to the community. The project’s goal is to make transit more accessible, affordable and reliable and to build a civic structure which will increase the strength of our communities through engagement and leadership development.

RouteSpeak will develop a true consultative relationship between TransLink and interested citizens and replace cynicism with positive action through education and prioritized needs of local communities.

For more information: Jack Jardine,


Thank you! A message to our donors.

Since the founding assembly in 2014 the Metro Vancouver Alliance has grown by leaps and bounds. This year, for the first time ever, the International Areas Foundation Northwest Regional Leadership Training was held in Canada - right here in BC - hosted by the Metro Vancouver Alliance.

39 activists from Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Brisbane, Australia, participated in training from February 5th - 9th at Capilano University to gain a thorough understanding of the organizing practices and principles developed by Industrial Areas Foundation member organizations over its 74-year history.

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MVA presenting to the Translink Open Board Meeting

Transit Campaign Action Team Co-chair, Maria Robinson, made a powerful presentation on the need for a fair fare structure to the Translink Board. In the coming months MVA will be gathering our members' views on what a fair fare structure would look like. Here's the video ...

An update from MVA's Housing Campaign Team

North Shore - On February 27, 2016 at St. Anthony’s RC Church in West Vancouver, nineteen north shore residents most of whom had attended the February 8th Affordable Housing Assembly and made a commitment to work on the campaign, met with the Housing Team. Michael Markwick (Capilano University), Paul Clark (St. Catherine’s Anglican Church) and James Cavalluzzo (BCGEU) headed delegations to plan the follow-up meetings with the three north shore mayors. Attendees at this meeting all committed to become delegates on one of these three teams: City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and City of West Vancouver. All three teams will meet again on Saturday, April 2nd at noon at St. Anthony’s Church in West Vancouver to report on their progress.

City of Vancouver - The City passed a revised Standards and Mainantence By-law in the spring of 2015. MVA had no input on this. We attended the Council meeting when it was passed to express our concern. 

Our campaign to make covenants a component of all new developments, locking in truly affordable purchase and rental housing in perpetuity is continuing. We announced last fall to the Board and Strategy Team meeting that we were prepared to start a pilot project of our own to test the covenant policy. After meeting with key people who helped shape the Whistler Housing Authority with its covenant policy designed to supply affordable housing to people who work in Whistler, we launched a pilot project to find developer(s) and a site where we could demonstrate that our ask at the 2014 Municipal Election Assembly would work in Vancouver. 

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Building a broad community coalition in Vancouver


Deb Cameron Fawkes, an MVA Leader from UFCW, and Lead Organizer Deborah Littman, sat down with the Talking Radical Radio podcast to talk about Metro Vancouver Alliance and community organizing.

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North Vancouver politicians commit to addressing affordable housing

Affordable Housing Assembly a Success!

Over 300 enthusiastic members of the Metro Vancouver Alliance and community partners, representing a range of faith, labour, educational and community groups in North Vancouver gathered on Family Day to call on local politicians to address the affordable housing crisis on the North Shore.


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Media Advisory: Affordable Housing Assembly

Members of faith, labour, civil society and educational organizations gather to call on municipal politicians to make concrete commitments to deal with the affordable housing crisis on the North Shore.

MEDIA ADVISORY Thursday February 4, 2016

The idea of affordable housing in Vancouver, and especially on the North Shore, has become a fairy tale.  At the end of 2015, the median price of a single family home in North Vancouver was $1,042,600. This represents an almost 10% increase since 2014 and a 21% increase over five years.

Members of the Metro Vancouver Alliance and community partners, representing a range of faith, labour, educational and community groups in North Vancouver will gather on Family Day to call upon local mayors and councillors to address the affordable housing crisis on the North Shore.

Politicians will hear research and testimony from delegates representing MVA’s member organizations and be asked to commit to specific, achievable, proposals around affordable housing and healthy neighborhoods.

Darrell Mussatto, Mayor of North Vancouver; Craig Cameron, Acting Mayor of West Vancouver; and Richard Walton, Mayor of the District of North Vancouver have all confirmed their attendance.

Date: Monday, February 8th, 2016
Time: 1PM to 3PM
Location: St. Catherine's Church, 1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver

The Metro Vancouver Alliance is a broad based alliance of community groups, labour, faith and educational institutions working together for the common good.

For more information: Patrick Bragg, MVA, cell (778) 889-3486


Beyond Conversation in South Vancouver


In an effort to address social isolation in their neighbourhood, a group of MVA member organizations in South Vancouver held a listening campaign, using a series of one-to one conversations and house meetings. One of the major challenges that surfaced during these conversations was the isolation of immigrant seniors, excluded by language from participating in their local community. It was discovered that many of these seniors bring their grandchildren to story-telling sessions at the library, but have no opportunity to interact with others while they are there. Because of cuts in funding and government restrictions, few of these seniors can access ESL classes.

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Paul Clark, Social Isolation Campaign Team co-chair on Roundhouse Radio


Feelings of loneliness and social isolation are common problems for Vancouverites. Paul Clark, co-chair of theMetro Vancouver Alliance Social Isolation Campaign Action Team was interviewed on Roundhouse Radio recently. Listen in at the link

MVA in MoveUP's membership magazine

Unions and The Metro Vancouver Alliance: Finding Common Ground and Working For The Common Good

Our friends at MoveUP, the Movement of United Professionals, have a nice article about MVA in the latest issue of their membership magazine. Check it out at the link, on page 14.

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