MVA 2015 AGM minutes

Here are the minutes of the Metro Vancouver Alliance AGM, held at St. Augustine's on June 8 2015


Present: see attached sign-in sheet

  1. Welcome and roll call: Chair, Sarah Bjorknas called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. A representative from each member organization present introduced themselves, their organization and its relationship with MVA.
  2. Minutes of the 2013 AGM. Accepted as presented.
  3. Finance: 2014 Year End Financial Report (in the meeting package) was presented by Treasurer George Pinto. Accepted as presented.
  4. Elections of Directors: The following Directors were elected.

Directors from Community: Shari Laliberte, Vancouver Community College was elected to a 3-year term (2015-18). Continuing are Jack Jardine, SPARXC (2015-16) and Scott Clark, ALIVE (2015-2017).

Directors from Faith: Rev. David J. Poirier SA, St. Joseph the Worker was elected to a 3-year term (2015-18). Continuing are Gail Berger, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (2015-17) and Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, North Shore Eco-Justice Working Group (2015-2016).

Directors from Labour: Deb Cameron Fawkes, United Food and Commercial Workers local 1518 was elected to a 3-year term (2015-18). Mike Clarke, BC Government Employees Union was elected to a 1-year term (2015-16) to replace Paul Finch BCGEU. Continuing is Joey Hartman, Vancouver District Labour Council (2015-2017).

Outgoing Board members Rev. Dr. Victoria Marie, Our Lady of Guatalupe Tonantzin, Paul Michel Taylor, Association of Neighborhood Houses of BC and Carlos Moreira, UNIFOR 111 were thanked for their valued contribution to the founding and continued work of MVA.

  1. 5.   Demographic Survey of the MVA by the Vancouver Community College Nursing Students – VCC students presented preliminary results from their survey, based on responses from 26 of MVA’s 52 member organizations. Organizations who had not yet completed the survey were urged to send it in. The full presentation will be e-mailed to member organizations.
  2. 6.   Annual Report – Lead Organizer Deborah Littman spoke to the Annual Report (in meeting package) outlining the major achievements over the past year. The meeting acknowledged the excellent work that the whole organization has done and thanked Deborah for her work.
    1. a.   Report from MVA Campaign Action Teams: Co-chairs of the four Campaign Action Teams – Affordable Housing, Income Equality, Transit and Social Inclusion – spoke about the ongoing work of their teams and invited members to participate. Meeting dates are posted on the MVA website
    2. b.   Case Study: Inglewood Care Centre: HEU members described how organizing action from North Shore MVA members assisted them in negotiating a new 5 year contract with their employer.
    3. 8.   Small Group Discussion: Participants were asked to talk to their neighbour to discuss the question: “Has MVA strengthened your organization over the past year? If so, how? If not, what would make it possible?” Feedback was collected from the groups and will help inform MVA’s ongoing work.
    4. Route-Speak Proposal (in the meeting package): Presented by Transit co-chairs, Maria Robinson and Bruce Murray followed by a reaction from District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton. Chair, Sarah Bjorknas, asked for a show of support from participants for the proposal. The membership indicated support for the project to go forward.

10. Next steps: Deb Cameron Fawkes encouraged participants to complete the pledge forms to show their willingness to work for the Route-Speak Proposal and/or Campaign Action Teams. Team will continue to meet over the summer to develop their agendas.

11. Close: The meeting was closed, with thanks to all for their participation.

Adjournment: 9:00 pm

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