Metro Vancouver Alliance has moved from listening to action.

On September 17, almost 100 delegates from MVA’s 50 member institutions came together to hear about the work of our four Research/Action Teams and vote on proposals to bring forward at our Municipal Accountability Assembly on October 9.


Over the past year MVA engaged in a listening campaign involving conversations with hundreds of people in our member organizations and subsequent discernment process. Four issues - on Poverty, Housing, Transit and Social Isolation - were identified as the things MVA member institutions felt they had in common and could work on together.

The issues were announced at the MVA Founding Assembly in March, and the four R/A Teams began their work. The teams met regularly over the summer – digging into their issue, consulting with people in the community, talking to experts – and identified problems facing people in the Lower Mainland. They then explored solutions to those problems.

Our member institutions have approved in principle the proposals brought forward by the R/A Teams, who have gathered feedback and are fine tuning their proposals.

One thing that makes MVA different from other organizations – the thing that keeps such a diverse organization together – is that we only go forward on issues where we have broad agreement.
To make an impact, we must speak with one voice.

We are now ready to speak with that one, powerful, voice and to ask politicians to commit to work with us on proposals that will make a real difference in people’s lives.

MVA Listening to Action

At the Municipal Accountability Assembly we will ask Vancouver’s municipal politicians to explore new options around affordable housing in the city and re-examine the enforcement of current housing by-laws; commit to a proven anti-poverty strategy at the municipal level; actively engage in the upcoming transit referendum and support our campaign for affordable, accessible transit; and explore options and work with us to reduce social isolation and help neighbourhoods flourish by working with our member organizations.

We’ve invited politicians from all levels of government in the Lower Mainland to our Assembly, including representatives of the four major civic parties in Vancouver.

We’re still waiting to hear back from the NPA, but we’re happy to report that Adrienne Carr (Green Party), Gregor Robertson (Vision Vancouver) and Meena Wong (COPE) have confirmed they will be joining us on October 9th. We will ask them to commit to specific, achievable, proposals that will make Vancouver a better place to live and work.

It’s going to be a great night and we hope to see you there.

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