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MVA training MVA leader, Maria Robinson

What does the Metro Vancouver Alliance make possible?


 Since the founding assembly on March 19, 2014 the Metro Vancouver Alliance has developed hundreds of leaders and strengthened their communities through support and training for member organizations.

We have been acting together to build workable solutions to the most pressing issues facing our communities. Key to this success is the leadership training that MVA provides for our members. This model empowers groups and individuals to take leadership roles in their communities, and take action for the common good.

After attending a National Training institute in 2015, Maria Robinson, Co-Chair of MVA’s Transit Campaign Action Team, told us:

I didn't comprehend, until I arrived at the national training and we did our first set of rounds, that I was exactly who this training was meant for.MVA, as an IAF organization...has a time-tested model. Understanding that model is key to leadership with MVA. Attending an intensive workshop with other leaders, from other organizations -- with their own stories, their own fights, their own anger -- was at once inspiring and a homecoming. It made the model come alive, and it made me feel a part of a larger story.

 Shahina Kahn, a 4th year nursing student at the Vancouver Community College, had this to say about Regional Training:

My project was aimed at uniting British Columbia’s registered nurses so that we can combat the negative effects of social determinants of health. I was given the opportunity to attend a five day regional leadership training. I learned the importance of community organizing...which begins with the premise that the problems facing communities do not result from a lack of effective solutions, but rather, from the citizens’ inability to implement these solutions due to a lack of power.

 I learned that leadership should be collective; only then we can see our communities progress and prosper.

 How can you support the work of MVA?

  • If you’re a member of an organization that is part of the MVA, help to make sure your organization’s dues are paid in full!
  • Make sure you know about all the projects MVA currently has underway, and let us know about possible supporters or funders for particular projects!
  • Consider making a direct contribution as part of the “Friends of MVA” program, or share the opportunity to contribute with your friends and colleagues!
  • Share the work of the MVA on twitter and facebook!

Friends of MVA

This is an opportunity for individuals to directly support the work of MVA. Individual donations can be made to Canada Helps online and are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Direct donations enable us to provide the leadership training that is so important to up and coming community leaders! Any amount will further our work.

Donate online via

Visit Canada Helps, then select Metro Vancouver Alliance as the fund your donation will support. MVA is affiliated to Industrial Areas Foundation Canada, which is a registered Canadian charity. Charitable receipts will be provided and the funds will be used for our educational programs.

Donations can be also mailed to MVA. Please make your cheque out to Industrial Areas Foundation Canada and mail to:

Metro Vancouver Alliance
5745 Wales Street
Vancouver BC V5R 3N3

For more information, contact us at


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