Deborah Littman remembers Pat McSherry

I’m so sorry that I can’t be at Pat’s memorial mass tomorrow. All I can do is pass on a few thoughts for the MVA gathering.

I first met Pat when I was visiting Vancouver in 2009. She was among the group working to bring the vision of Metro Vancouver Alliance into being. Her enthusiasm shone through then and never wavered with all the ups and downs and frustrations of our early years. Pat had a remarkable combination of warmth and humour, joy and curiosity (which led her to do fascinating things) with a tenacious determination to achieve her objective.

When she despaired of getting the organizations she loved to join MVA, she got herself onto the board and used her considerable political skills to win people over. She was always so proud of all of the MVA organizations she was from and declared that she would never join any group that was not a member (or that she couldn’t convince to join).

I’m glad that I had a chance to spend time with Pat while she was in hospital. Deb and I visited her just before I left for Toronto and were cheered by her optimism and good spirits. Deb asked whether a chaplain had been to see her. Pat said that there was no need, she had so many priests visiting her, bringing her food and ferrying her home.

Pat was a dear friend and a colleague, political ally and collaborator. The gap that she leaves in all of our hearts will never be filled.

With much sorrow and affection,


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